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Jin Shin Jyutsu for Women

Jin Shin Jyutsu may help women’s health with applications such as:

  • Health Maintenance
  • Stress Relief
  • Hormonal Balance
  • The Expectant Mother: Rejuvenation; Morning Sickness; Fatigue
  • The Developing Fetus: Harmonizes the energy pathways that feed life into the cells and supports development of organs and physiological systems
  • The Birthing Mother: Pain relief; Facilitates body’s own natural process (i.e. help open the pelvic girdle and assist in the descending energetic flow to help the baby through the birth canal)
  • Post-Partum: Sore muscles from delivery; Fatigue; Emotional Imbalances (i.e. post-partum depression)
  • The Newborn: Reduces the trauma of birth
  • Raising Children: “First aid” applications for tummy aches, bumps and bruises, cuts, sleeplessness, colic, emotional imbalances, and much more
  • Conception Issues: Complements infertility treatments; Stress relief and relaxation; Balances the energetic pathways involved in reproduction

See Michelle's story of being with her friend during the birth of her son in the article Welcoming Harrison.

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