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Being Calm

The Calming Effects of Jin Shin Jyutsu

As one with a very active mind, I greatly appreciate the calming effect of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ).  Moving through life being calm is so much more enjoyable than being caught up in worry, fear, anxiety and mental stress. 

Recently a couple of clients expressed the calm they felt following their sessions.

The first client came for JSJ sessions prior to undergoing two rounds of eye surgery; his sessions were scheduled a few days before each surgery.  He shared that typically an event such as having surgery would bring on a lot of anxiety and yet with these two surgeries he was very calm and he attributed the calm to his JSJ sessions.

A few days after her first JSJ session, another client with an especially stressful job remarked “I could not believe how calm I was the next time I went to work!”

What is being calm?

Webster defines calm as “free from agitation, excitement, or disturbance.”

While writing this article I’m noticing that simply saying the word “calm” eases tension.

The numerology of the words “Being Calm” is “Abundant Wisdom:”   “being” = 10 = “abundance” and “calm” = 2 = “wisdom.”  When we are in a state of calm, we are abundantly wise, so we are better prepared for whatever comes our way. 

10 is also a greater expression of 1.  We learned in March’s Newsletter (link to article.)  1 is “the prime mover.”  So we can also say that being calm is moving with wisdom.  This is interesting because calm indicates stillness and one may equate stillness with inactivity, yet being calm doesn’t mean we are stagnant.

A calm mind is a state of surrender.  Our thoughts say “ahhhhhh.”  We exhale.  We let go so we can receive wisdom that is abundantly available to us.  We allow ourselves to be in the flow.  We move with wisdom.

In a talk available on YouTube, His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that a calm mind “is essential.”  He shares, “…(a) more peaceful mind brings healthy body.  Because our mind, calm, peaceful – then our body’s element…remain more balanced…that brings healthy body.”

In my experience, being calm:

  1.  We see more clearly
  2. Our outlook on life is more positive
  3. We make better decisions
  4. We feel happier
  5. We’re better equipped to handle life’s challenges
  6. Physical pain eases
  7. Problems dissipate
  8. We are more patient with ourselves and others
  9. We sleep better
  10. We can truly BE THE FUN!

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