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One Cancer Patient's Story

This is a story about Sharon, a beautiful lady who upon our meeting years ago had recently undergone intensive chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer. Sharon's energy reserves were completely depleted; she was in a state of extreme, prolonged exhaustion. Her face was very pale.

Sharon came to me for a Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) session. Honoring the weakened state of her body, we shortened her session to 20 minutes (from the typical 50 - 60 minutes.) As with all JSJ sessions, Sharon's session began and ended with me placing my fingertips on her wrists to assess the pulses which correlate to energy pathways in her body. After the 20 minute session there was a notable increase in the vitality of her energetic pulses and her face had a slight glow of light pink. As she was leaving my office, I asked Sharon to call me the next day.

Sharon called first thing the following morning with great excitement in her voice. She was joyfully amazed that she not only had some energy, but she actually had a great boost of energy. She felt more energized than she had in months! She felt alive again.

Seeing JSJ as a valuable tool, Sharon began receiving sessions on a regular basis as part of her routine health and well-being maintenance. Her enjoyment of life took a giant leap forward and for this, she greatly values Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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