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Welcoming Harrison

Michelle's story of helping her friend, Shawne, give birth to her son, Harrison.

He emerged into this earthly plane with the prodding and encouragement of seven women assisting his mother and to the delight of his older sister's anxious eyes.
He's Harry's son, Harrison.

Michelle w Harrison 1
Michelle holding 2-day old Harrison

Harry abides in the spiritual plane now, unlimited by physical boundaries; one can imagine Harry joining his son in the dark, warm birth canal, encouraging him to meet his mother.

Shawne, the brave, tenacious, gentle mother, pushes past any fears and pure exhaustion, finding the strength to do what it takes to bring Harrison forth into this world. 

It's almost a primal, tribal atmosphere as Shawne's "clan" surround her bed, hold her legs, support her back, dab her head with a cool cloth, rub peppermint and lavender around her neck, massage her  feet, arms, legs, hands, chest, apply Jin Shin Jyutsu®, cheer and coach her as she tackles this miraculous task.

 The energy is intense, yet gentle, and ever hopeful that Harrison will soon surface from his home of the past nine months.

And just when she thinks she cannot muster up any more strength, his determined mother, beautiful Shawne, grabs the bars beside her hips, raises her head and shoulders off the bed, curls over her swollen belly, bears down and eases her son past the pubic bone barrier. 

Hallelujah!! He is crowning!!

Michelle w Harrison 2
Michelle giving Harrison Jin Shin Jyutsu

Then in a whirlwind of activity, the nurse midwife gets herself and her equipment ready to catch this baby that will soon come forth.

A gentle push, fluids gush, and there he is!!! Squirming in the midwife's hands, he is passed to the nurse who lays him atop his former abode.

Newborn cries and cheers of delight fill the room.

He is here!!! Dear, Sweet Harrison has arrived!!!


Harrison Daniel Klun was born on 4/22/2003 at 8:27 p.m., weighing 7 lbs 2 oz, 21 inches long.


For more on how Jin Shin Jyutsu can support women's health, see Jin Shin Jyutsu for Women.

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