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Being In The Effortless Reality

Being in the Effortless Reality
by Michelle Giambra

Have you experienced those moments in life where everything seems to fall into place, you feel like you’re in the groove, tasks are accomplished click, click, click and all feels right in the world?

Have you experienced times where the simplest task feels like a great chore, there seem to be roadblocks at every turn, and things just aren’t going the way you think they should? What do you do when your agenda isn’t working? Plow forth forcefully? Look for an alternate route? Give up?

Coming from a hard-working Midwestern upbringing, my tendency has been to push, push, push. “Do whatever it takes to get the job done.” But you know what? I discovered that is not the most healthy approach to life and certainly not the most fun way to live.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu we learn about energetic imbalances manifesting as “attitudes.” This “pushing to get things done” falls into the definition of one of the attitudes, “the trying to’s.”

Mary Burmeister (Founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc) writes in the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Books about “effortless reality.” The moments where things seem to “click” and we feel we are “in the groove,” “in the flow” speak of “being in the effortless reality.”

Jin Shin Jyutsu provides tools that help bring us back into balance when we recognize that we are not “in the flow.”

How do we recognize we’re not in the flow? One tell-tale sign for me is that I start getting cranky. Someone else might discover that they’re starting to become “accident-prone.” Feeling stressed or anxious is certainly an indication that something might be out of balance as is experiencing heart discomfort or palpations. These are just some of many possible signs that we are “in the trying to’s.”

Some self help exercises to release the imbalances manifesting as the “trying to’s:”

  1. Hold your little finger – Simply wrap your right fingers around your left little finger. (Reverse for right little finger.) Be comfortable. Relax. Breathe. Hold for several minutes, or until stress eases.

  2. Give yourself a big hug – Cross your arms across your chest. Place RIGHT thumb under LEFT collarbone (near shoulder.) Place RIGHT fingers on the outer edge of the LEFT shoulder blade. Place LEFT thumb under RIGHT collarbone (near shoulder.) Place LEFT fingers on the outer edge of the RIGHT shoulder blade. Be comfortable. Relax. Breathe. Hold for several minutes, or until stress eases.

  3. 36 Conscious Breaths – Close your eyes and relax. Become aware of your breathing. Count breaths by counting exhalations. Exhale, count 1, inhale. Exhale, count 2, inhale. Continue until you complete a total of 36 exhalations.

I invite you to give yourself moments throughout your day to tune into your body and your surroundings. If you become aware of signals that you’re in the “trying to’s” instead of in the “effortless reality,” apply one or more of the self help exercises. They only take a few moments of your time and you might find giving yourself this time puts you back into the rhythm of effortless reality and life flows just a little bit easier.
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